3 Ways to Use Tablets at Trade Shows

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3 Ways to Use Tablets at Trade Shows

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1) Lead Capture

I promise, there are alternatives to a fishbowl full of business cards. Here are a few we use:

  • Guest’d: This app offers a beautiful display and a dead simple, intuitive interface to take names (offline!) and even sync them to your marketing platforms. Leave your tablet open on the counter, or hand it over to your guest to have them sign up.
  • Evernote Premium: If you’re already using Evernote to keep track of all of your note-taking needs, this can be a great way to get those contacts onto the same platform. Make it a fun experience, and have your guests scan their own cards into your system.
  • Showcase: Our app lets you make customer records on-the-fly and offline using the app’s customer module. Just go into the customer section, click the plus sign next to “Customer” and add their info!


2) Video or Slideshow Display

Want to show off those beautiful product demos and photos on your tablet without doing anything? Here are a few ways:

  • iPad with Photos:
    • Load all of your images and videos into iPhoto.
    • Sync them onto the iPad in the same Album.
    • For Looping: Go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Slideshow and click the toggle on repeat. If you would like to loop one video, make sure it is the only item in an album.
  • Android with Videolooper:
    • Install the app, follow the in-app instructions, open a video, and voila!
  • Showcase:
    • For photos:
      • Open any product photo in the catalog.
      • Select either the slideshow or slideshow with sound button, in the upper left.
    • For Videos:
      • Open any video file synced to the Media Library.
      • Click “Loop”


3) Sales Material Management

Need to keep track of your product information, but are ready to trash those brochures that haven’t been updated in months and the yellowing catalog? There are a few ways to fix this, while taking everything offline and onto the floor:

  • “Favoriting” on Dropbox
    • When you favorite an item on your Dropbox, it will sync locally to your tablet.
  • A file manager app on Android:
    • Download or sync your file to a folder on your Android tablet.
    • Find the file in a file manager application to open.
  • Showcase:
    • Upload and sync brochures, presentations, case studies, movies, etc. Then show off and share via email.
    • Upload your catalog as an Excel file to the CMS, or load items manually. Browse through your interactive catalog like a champ.


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